31 Marzo 2014
Ticinum Aerospace as an internship destination for the International School on Risk and Emergency Management
20 Maggio 2014
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Ticinum Aerospace at the Pavia spin-off fair

On the 11th of May, 2014, at the University of Pavia a fair of academic spin-off is being organized with the title “Pavia vivaio di imprese” (“Pavia – an enterprise nursery”) to display to the public at large the growing group of academic spin-offs. Ticinum Aerospace will join the initiative bringing in the “space perspective”.

The event will take place at the Bothanical Garden of the University of Pavia on Sunday, the 11th of May from 9:30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. The Bothanical Garden (“Orto Botanico”) is located at Via S. Epifanio, 14 in Pavia.

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