Ticinum Aerospace will give a presentation at the “Big Data Event” in Pavia
25 Giugno 2014
Ticinum Aerospace awarded a Gold Medal
23 Dicembre 2014
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Ticinum Aerospace contributed to the 2014 edition of Data Fusion Summer School

The “Pavia 2014 International Summer School on “Data Fusion of Risk-related Remotely Sensed and Geospatial Data” is the fourth in a series of International Summer Schools on Data Fusion held at the University of Pavia in September, following the first edition in 2011 on “Data Fusion and High Performance Computing”, the second one in 2012 on “Data Fusion and Target Detection”, and the third one in 2013 on “Data Fusion of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data”, all of which were very successful and appreciated.

The 2014 edition is about to close, and the Ticinum Aerospace staff gave a substantial in-kind contribution of experience, advice, and assistance including at the hands-on sessions on processing of geospatial and remotely sensed data for risk mapping.