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20 Febbraio 2015
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8 Settembre 2015
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Ticinum Aerospace will help with the GR4S Summer School

The “Pavia 2015 International Summer School on Data Fusion for Risk Mapping” (Pavia, 23-25 Jul 2015) is the fifth in a series of International Summer Schools on Data Fusion held in Pavia, Italy. The series started in 2011 with a “Data Fusion and High Performance Computing” school, and followed with a second edition in 2012 on “Data Fusion and Target Detection”, a third one in 2013 on “Data Fusion of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data”, and a fourth one in 2014 on “Data Fusion of Risk-related Remotely Sensed and Geospatial Data” all of which were very successful and appreciated. This edition will merge into the IEEE  Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society 2015 Summer School (GR4S), on the occasion of the IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2015, or IGARSS 2015 – “Remote Sensing: Understanding the Earth for a Safer World”, which will be held the following week (July 26-31)  in Milan. Acknowledging the importance of educational activities in the field of remote sensing and beyond, TA decided to replicate last year’s initiative to help the School by providing practical support in several ways. This will also be a chance for TA to get the coming up generation of remote sensing scientists to know about our spin-off and its activities.