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8 Settembre 2015
TA joins the Federation of Regional Growth Actors in Europe
8 Luglio 2016
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Ticinum Aerospace at the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016

A paper from TA was accepted for the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016:

Fabio Dell’Acqua, Gianni Cristian Iannelli, John Kerekes, Gianni Lisini, Gabriele Moser, Niccolò Ricardi, Leland Pierce: “The IEEE GRSS Standardized Remote Sensing Data Website: a step towards “Science 2.0” in Remote Sensing”

The paper, presented last week at the Symposium (9-13 May 2016) by Fabio Dell’Acqua, illustrated the “Data and Algorithm Standardized Evaluation” (DASE) website, providing a set of community data sets and algorithm evaluation standards for use by the Earth observation community to support research, development, and testing of algorithms for remote sensing data products. The DASE website is conceived for remote sensing scientists, students, and professionals, who wish to evaluate the performances of their image analysis methods on freely available data against undisclosed test samples. The presented paper report about the original idea, the website, its history, and its features, in an effort to support further steps towards “Science 2.0” in the Remote Sensing arena. The paper will soon be visible on the LPS 2016 web site, while the current beta version of the web site is available here for those who wish to obtain open data and test their classification and target detection results.