TA joins the Federation of Regional Growth Actors in Europe
8 Luglio 2016
TA builds the open-data DASE portal for the IEEE GRSS and the Data Fusion Contest
18 Gennaio 2017
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Ticinum issues a QGIS 2.x-compatible version of BREC4GEM tools

The GEM foundation is a public-private partnership whose mission is to engage a global community in the design, development and deployment of state-of-art models and tools for earthquake risk assessment. GEM is composed of three main components that are Hazard, Exposure and Vulnerability. The GEM-funded Inventory Data Capture Tools (IDCT) project fits in the Exposure and Vulnerability areas; it was aimed at providing a fully operational, flexible and integrated suite of tools, protocols and guidelines that are scientifically sound, yet straightforward to use. The GEM-IDCT team, which included some of TA founders, developed BREC4GEM. This latter is a set of image-processing tools capable of extracting exposure- and vulnerability-relevant features from VHR multispectral optical data, integrated into QGIS environment as a plugin for QGIS 1.x. For continued use of BREC4GEM even after QGIS 2.x made older plugins obsolete, the TA team donated its time to port BREC4GEM plugins to QGIS 2.0. The ported plugins are being distributed through our web site. See more details at: http://www.ticinumaerospace.com/foss/