Ticinum issues a QGIS 2.x-compatible version of BREC4GEM tools
19 Luglio 2016
TA and ERN join forces to map Caribbean crops in a CCRIF project
1 Febbraio 2017
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TA builds the open-data DASE portal for the IEEE GRSS and the Data Fusion Contest

In order to ensure homogeneity in performance assessment of proposed algorithms for information extraction in the Earth Observation (EO) domain, standardized remotely sensed datasets are particularly useful and welcome. Fully aware of this principle, the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) and especially its Image Analysis and Data Fusion Technical Committee (IADF), has been organizing for some years now the Data Fusion Contest (DFC). In the DFC, one specific dataset is made available to the scientific community, which can download it and use it to test its newly developed algorithms. The consistence of the starting dataset across participating groups ensures the significance of assessing and ranking results, to finally proclaim the winning team, which scored the highest.

The IEEE GRSS has contribution to the standardization effort in another way, i.e. by launching the Data and Algorithm Standard Evaluation (DASE) website. DASE can distribute to registered users a limited set of possible “standard” open datasets, together with some ground truth info, and automatically assess the processing results provided by the users.

A competitive call was set up for proposals to build the data distribution portal, and TA submitted the winning one. DASE is now operational at dase.ticinumaerospace.com and will soon be transitioned to its final destination on IEEE servers. The 2017 edition of the DFC will rely on DASE for the distribution of datasets and for assessment of competition entries.

A great success story for TA!