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16 Giugno 2017
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4 Agosto 2017
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Ticinum Aerospace welcomes two new partners

Today 29th July 2017, two new partners and shareholders got onboard Ticinum!

Daniele De Vecchi and Daniel Aurelio Galeazzo signed today their accession to company shares, thus increasing its workforce and bringing in fresh business ideas and research topics. The new TA partnership is even stronger and committed to succeed in providing our customers with valid solutions and value-for-money services. While consolidated business lines continue serving our traditional, market, novel business lines open up.

As of today, indeed, the Saturnalia service becomes a provision of TA. Saturnalia is an experimental service for wine quality prediction before bottling, based on satellite and in-situ measurements. The current Saturnalia derived from an original idea -by the same name- which won the 2016 App Challenge organised by the European Space Agency in Frascati, Italy. Since then, it has undergone substantial development, leading it to be a cutting-edge technology in precision farming, serving wine growers, traders and investors.

While giving our hearty welcome to our new partners, we are thrilled about the new possibilities now opening up! We will continue working “hard and smart”, as we have always done, to deliver to our current and future customers the best solutions on the market.