TA at InsurByte 2017 in Singapore next week
21 Settembre 2017
With Saturnalia, TA wins the 2017 Big Data Big Business Challenge by CGI at Copernicus Masters
10 Novembre 2017
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TA at the ESA EO Open Science 2.0 Conference

The Earth Observation (EO) Open Science 2.0 conference, organized by the European Space Agency (ESA), explores the emerging challenges and opportunities faced by the EO scientific community to respond to the new paradigm of EO Open Science. It is currently underway at the ESA facilities in Frascati, Italy, and the CSO of Ticinum, prof. Dell’Acqua, is presenting three TA’s activities and services in three distinct “Lighting Talks”:

26th September, 2017

16:53 Saturnalia, or Sentinel-based Vine Monitoring: from the ESA App Camp to a Real-world Application

16:56 CoastalCast: Copernicus Masters makes Earth Observation serve coastal economy

27th September, 2017

17:15 The DASE “Standardized Open Dataset” by the IEEE GRSS: an open test bench for classification and target detection algorithms