Kick-off for Saturnalia as an ESA KSA project!
1 Dicembre 2017
New scientific paper from the TA R&D group
19 Febbraio 2018
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New scientific pre-print from the Ticinum team!

A couple of years ago the TA team was involved in a large-scale crop mapping work on the Caribbean area, for purposes of exposure assessment to weather-related risk for a group of countries in the area. The work was a wonderful example of interdisciplinary cooperation among TA and two other companies, ERN from Mexico and RED from Italy, where the optimal balance was stricken between available resources, constraints and requirements. The cooperation led to building a novel approach to large-scale mapping of diverse vegetation species through fusion of satellite data, environmental information, in-situ sensing, that was finally summarized into a scientific paper whose pre-print is available at .