Ticinum data published in an Economist column
26 Novembre 2019
Saturnalia to access the ESA “Demonstration” stage
18 Febbraio 2020
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Ticinum analysis published on the LivEx official bulletin board

The analysis by Ticinum of the 2019 Bordeaux vintage has been published on the LivEx official bulletin board. Last Monday, the 12th of December 2019, witnessed the appearance, under the section “Insights -> Harvest reports” of the LivEx website, of an article from our experts summarizing their analysis on the famous French wines. The analysis is based on satellite monitoring of vine features across the growing seasons, complemented with weather records and historical performance records. This is the first time our analysis get direct attention from the “wine stock exchange“, as LivEx is sometimes defined as a consequence of its standing as the biggest trade platform for fine wines. We are proud of our fresh achievement, which further reinforces our reputation in fine wine analysis based on quantitative data from space and from ground.