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19 Febbraio 2018
TA “Start-up of the month” in Copernicus Masters!
15 Maggio 2018
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A new ESA Kick-start project kicked off at TA!

We are proud to announce that TA has won a new ESA Kick-Start Project (KSA), named CountFloors! The project, backed and co-funded by the Business Applications sector of the European Space Agency, aims at analysing and assessing the marketability and economic viability of a new service being developed at TA. The service, which carries the same name as the freshly started ESA KSA project, aims at jointly analysing large amounts of satellite and street-level images to map and evaluate clues for vulnerability and exposure of buildings to natural perils, to the benefit of large-scale risk modelling. The project employs advanced image analysis and deep learning techniques, and has already been tested on various sites across the globe. The project will offer TA a chance to tune the service and find the best rout to the market, in order to maximise its impact and commercial penetration.