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About Us

Big Data is nowadays the de facto situation when we enter the Remote Sensing world. Tons of data are collected from many different sources, each one featuring its specific and unique capabilities, (usually) making each of them well-suited for some specific applications. However, a specific problem can be analyzed from different standpoints in terms of ‘data’, and thus several insights can be combined together thus increasing the accuracy of the generated information. Ticinum Aerospace possesses the required knowledge and ability to smartly fuse different dataset in order to retrieve the most reliable solution for a specific problem.

Ticinum Aerospace is a spin-off company of the University of Pavia, and as such can rely on a strong backup from the underlying experience earned along almost two decades of scientific and technical activity of the Remote Sensing Group, within which the spin-off was founded in early 2014. Notwithstanding the young age of the company, its team took part in several projects worldwide, always proposing high-level, high-quality products.

The mission of the company is to provide reliable, customer-oriented solutions taking advantage of machine learning techniques and heterogeneous remote sensing datasets, with the final aim of cutting the costs of uncertainties.

The Team

Gianni Lisini

HW specialist

Matteo Allais

Pricing Manager