Once more, we made it! A fresh prize for Saturnalia.
17 Settembre 2018
TA at the Wine2Wine forum in Verona, Italy
28 Novembre 2018
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TA invited to the Romanian Parliament to report the Saturnalia “Success Case”

Every year, the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission (EC), the Space Commission of the Romanian Parliament and the European association of space companies Eurisy, organizes a conference on European space programs to discuss opportunities for collaboration and assess the impact of these programs on the quality of life of European citizens. In this context, the event foresees invited speakers among those individuals who have distinguished themselves in putting to good use the progress of space technology in recent years.

This year the event took place on 11th and 12th October at the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, in the “Human Rights Room”, with participation by invitation only.

Our chief technical officer Dr. Daniele De Vecchi, technical coordinator of the “Saturnalia” project, was invited to present the project as an example of a “Success Case”. The project, supported by the European Space Agency and now in an advanced stage of development, aims at forecasting the quality of the harvest and the wine through continuous monitoring of the vineyards, from the space and from the ground with special sensors. We’re very proud of this invitation and of the vibrant talk given by Daniele, demonstrating once more that Saturnalia is set to become a successful case in support of commercial use of Sentinel data.