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18 Settembre 2014

Ticinum Aerospace contributed to the 2014 edition of Data Fusion Summer School

The “Pavia 2014 International Summer School on “Data Fusion of Risk-related Remotely Sensed and Geospatial Data” is the fourth in a series of International Summer Schools on Data Fusion held at the University of Pavia in September, following the first edition in 2011 on “Data Fusion and High Performance Computing”, […]
25 Giugno 2014

Ticinum Aerospace will give a presentation at the “Big Data Event” in Pavia

Ticinum Aerospace will give a presentation on Big Data from Space at the University of Pavia event on “Big Data” to be held on the 1st of July 2014. The presentation will focus on the science and business opportunities coming from the Space Data Deluge generated by countless sensors exploring […]
17 Giugno 2014

A few seats still available at the Summer School on Data Fusion in Aerospace Applications 2014

Some seats are still available at the 2014 edition of the Summer School on Data Fusion in Aerospace Application, devoted to remote sensing and data fusion for risk management, which Ticinum Aerospace is co-organizing in Pavia. Applications from perspective students are still accepted, although the deadline has passed. Priority will […]
20 Maggio 2014

Ticinum Aerospace as an internship destination for the International School on Risk and Emergency Management

Ticinum Aerospace has recently been registered as an eligible internship destination for students from the Risk and Emergency Management (REM) Master Course of the International School on Understanding and Managing Extremes (UME). The Masters and PhD Programmes in Risk and Emergency Management (REM) aims to train graduates and professionals in […]