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31 Maggio 2018

TA welcomes a new advisor member

Ticinum Aerospace happily welcomes Dr. Gianpoalo Paglia as a new member of the Advisory Committee! Gianpoalo Paglia is a wine professional with nearly 20 years of experience in brand building, marketing and sales. He combines strong winemaking and viticultural background with commercial and marketing acumen, virtually covering all roles in […]
15 Maggio 2018

TA “Start-up of the month” in Copernicus Masters!

We are happy to announce that Ticinum Aerospace has been nominated Start-up of the month by Copernicus Masters! The nomination was triggered by Saturnalia, our innovative, award-winning service whose aim is estimating future wine quality through satellite-based monitoring of vineyards. For those of you who are not familiar with it, […]
11 Maggio 2018

A new ESA Kick-start project kicked off at TA!

We are proud to announce that TA has won a new ESA Kick-Start Project (KSA), named CountFloors! The project, backed and co-funded by the Business Applications sector of the European Space Agency, aims at analysing and assessing the marketability and economic viability of a new service being developed at TA. […]
19 Febbraio 2018

New scientific paper from the TA R&D group

As mentioned in a previous newspiece, a couple of years ago the TA team was involved in a large-scale crop mapping work on the Caribbean area, for purposes of exposure assessment to weather-related risk for a group of countries. The work was a wonderful example of interdisciplinary cooperation among TA […]